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Anthony kiedis dating gossip news

It often has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but rather about marketing the brand, and/or damage control.The old time studio practices of hooking people up are still done, and it has everything to do with image.The most embarrasingly closeted gay celeb is Queen Latifah hands down. What possible harm could it to to him personally or professionally at this point?Yet he still did that interview a couple years ago where he denied it. Ever since Gyllenhaal got with Taylor Swift, it has to be him.I mean, he's not Grand Marshall of the Gay Pride parade, but I think everyone knows he's gay.Anderson was with his bf at his bar last night and he does live an openly gay life, BUT, since he has never said he only dates men and has a male partner, the assumption is automatic that he's straight.

Another vote for Jake 'I REFUSE to come out' Gyllenhaal.

Jodie Foster is ridiculous at this point though, and Travolta is just shady. R43: next to Gaga and Beyonce, she's the most popular female pop star in America.

Beyonce is married, I doubt Gaga would be receptive to such bullshit, so that leaves you Taylor if you're looking for some major press. Every time he and Kelly do those "We're so in love" interviews I roll my eyes.

A straight person can say that and just be talking about someone very dear to them. That tells me he has some issues that probably stem from Scientology.

He seems unable to control his homosexual tendencies but seems to be one those people I knew from church as a kid who were upstanding church goers but unable to keep from going out to get laid in the bushes at night. Anderson has never paraded around a fake girlfriend. Clooney pings so hard, that, each time he appears on TV to promote his latest project, it shatters my Princess House crystal champagne flutes. I'm shocked."I love Latifah; she can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

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