Butch dating fem clubs

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Butch dating fem clubs

Of course if a pig doesn't want to make me into a domestic and sexual servant this would change r31, maybe you're joking, but if you're not: Then why not try fucking a woman? Seriously, I just want to know from straight women who seem to not love men why they bother. There are scads of lesbian closet-cases, very often married. Look around any mall or public place - hand a cane and a bread pudding to any of the husky, ill-coiffed and clad fraus and - Presto!Plus it's easier for a lesbian to play straight - all she has to do is lie there to fulfill her marital obligations. Falls back on male/female stereotypes/Julia Roberts movie type storyline for why she doesn't have a boyfriend, "I just work so much, it's hard for a guy to try to fit into my business lifestyle" or something they read on the cover of a magazine.They'll tell this same sad tale 13 years down the line.r25, That profile resembled my former pastor...All one has to do to reject "femininity" is -- look natural, be yourself, and don't obsess about your looks -- the same way (straight) men do.Why is spending many hours and hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of dollars on one's looks considered the height of femininity?She's obsessed with a another woman whom she HATES HATES HATES! Two girls I know, one straight, the other claims to be straight. The one claiming to be straight is totally butch and plays better than most of the men on the team.She persuades all her women friends and colleagues to HATE HATE HATE her too. They were very close friends until straight girl got a boyfriend.

I think I heard this in "Claire of the Moon" or another movie, but I'd already observed it, too.

She is not an ugly woman and I see much bigger uglier girls with men all the time so I don't buy it.

She also does a thousand other little things to hold herself back.

You will NEVER hear a tale about a gay male making himself look less attractive to get women to leave him alone.

First of all, men are bigger, stronger, and MUCH more sexually aggressive than women. I wanted NO attention from males, and making myself as unattractive as possible worked for me.

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she also did her Ph D about gays and lesbians and their role in church.

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