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'Still the owner of her company, although she has stepped away from the day-to-day operations, Trump told GES delegates that like them, she has started her own enterprise.'After my father’s election, I saw an opportunity to leave my businesses for the privilege of serving our country and empowering all Americans – including women – to succeed,' she said.Trump told attendees in her speech that she was proud that a majority of the summit's attendees were women for the first time ever, truly embodying this year's them of 'Women First, Prosperity For All.' 'Only when women are empowered to thrive; will our families, our economies, and our societies reach their fullest potential,' she said.Bobby Moore, England's captain of the 1960s and 1970s insisted on being the last person into the changing-room to put on his shorts before kick-off.And Gary Neville admitted to wearing the same aftershave, belt and boots while on a winning run.The researchers from the University of Cologne investigated the mystical power of charms after noting how many sports stars were superstitious.Tiger Woods, for instance, wears a red shirt on tournament Sundays while Serena Williams once wore the same socks throughout a tournament.

'In even more countries, the cultural and family pressure is so great that women do not feel the freedom to work outside the home.'Trump, a special adviser to the president, referred to her father's government as 'our administration' as she highlighted her work 'advancing policies that enable women to pursue their careers and care for their families.'Despite complaints in advance of the conference over her company's labor practices in India and concerns in the U. about the sexual harassment allegations plaguing her father, Trump was warmly received in Hyderabad, where 52.5 percent of this year's delegates to GES are women.Carrying a lucky rabbit's foot or four-leaved clover really does improve your day, scientists have shown.A study has found that lucky charms boast people's confidence and increases their chances of success.Dr Lysann Damisch, of the University of Cologne, investigated the phenomena of superstition further in a series of tests on university students.She said: 'I watch a lot of sports, and I read about sports, and I noticed that very often athletes - also famous athletes - hold superstitions. ' With colleagues Barbara Stoberock and Thomas Mussweiler, also of the University of Cologne, she asked volunteers to take part in an experiment and bring a lucky charm with them.

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The remaining volunteers told there was a problem with the camera and they would get back the good luck token later.