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But being self-conscious about his weight, he fears rejection, and can't bring himself to ask her out.

Now further depressed, Dom seeks comfort from his Chubby Checkers -- Sonny and Oscar (Richard Karron and Paul Zegler) -- who turn out to be no help at all, as their reminiscing about favorite desserts and delicacies drives them to having a pig-out party in the kitchen.

We have to commend you for having such strength and courage during this time.

This, too, ends in failure as Dom, crazed by cravings for his favorite decadent delights (even having dreamed of marzipan candy), demands the keys from his brother, even threatening him with violence at one point, of which he is extremely ashamed afterward.

She replies, "Yes." The film ends with a photo montage of now-married Dom and Lydia, then their babies — with each photo showing Lydia holding a new baby, while the previous child grows up.

Dom's obesity persists through the years, apparently exacting no toll upon the family's happiness, until the final image reveals him surrounded by Lydia and their many children..remarkably thinner.

This included giving him a cannoli after being urinated on by his baby brother as the baby's diaper is being changed.

Because of this, Dom grew up with a love of food, a trait shared by his equally obese cousin, Salvatore (Sal).

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Dom agrees to do so once he recognizes signs that obesity is ruining his health.

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