Distance dating ideas

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Distance dating ideas

Pick a movie and be sure to start it at exactly the same time. Pick out something a little more adult that you can both enjoy.You can also do this during weekly broadcasts of your favorite show (long distance Game of Thrones, anyone? Try Abby for professionally-shot amateur performers and real couples. Pick a recipe, either one you both know you like or something entirely new, and cook together.(Or order your favorite takeout.) Pour some wine, light some candles, and really set the mood.Then, connect using Skype, Face Time, or the KIIROO Couples network.My long-distance guy and I installed our handwritten fonts to the instant messager we use and everything just seems a lot more personal.– Charlotte Garnet and Rane (members on LFAD) loved Charlotte’s idea and shared with us their fonts in their instant messenger (see image at left). Here’s how our fonts came out: This idea comes from Erin and the rest of the gang on the LFAD forum! But this idea is taking the concept a step further, and takes some thought and creativity.

You’ll get to see exactly what your partner sees, without using up your data package like Skype or Face Time might.

Admittedly, this one was inspired by the movie Her.

Use a combination of voice calling your partner and sending short videos back and forth.

Anyone who’s been in a long distance relationship will tell you the same thing: It takes work, but it’s worth it.

In the age of instant communication, it can be easier than ever to stay perpetually in touch with your beloved, even if you’re continents away.

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