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You have a “mental model” of reading a book on the i Pad, even if you’ve never done it before.

If you’ve used an i Pad before, your mental model of reading a book on an i Pad will be different than that of someone who has never used one, or doesn’t even know what an i Pad is.

The number of clicks is not the important criteria.A conceptual model is the actual model that is given to the person through the design and interface of the actual product.Going back to the i Pad ebook example, you have a mental model about what reading a book will be like in the i Pad, how it will work, what you can do with it.If I scroll down I’ll have details on the region: This is a great example of how to use progressive disclosure.It’s not the clicks that count (pun intended) – One thing I’d like to point out is that progressive disclosure requires multiple clicks.

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Before you turn on the i Pad, before you use it, you have a model in your head of what reading a book on the i Pad will be like.