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Insider internet dating dave

During that time off school, he worked as a consultant for Bain, traveling the world and living in Boston, Sydney, and San Francisco.

But two weeks before he was set to start law school, "I came to the realization that I didn’t really want to be a lawyer," he said. "I looked at Microsoft but it was really hard to imagine moving to Seattle and the rain when you were used to living in San Francisco and Sydney.

So they maxed out their credit cards and hit up friends and family. It contained interviews and live music, but it didn't actually sell the music. People had never seen advertising on their computer.

"Those were the only people crazy enough to give us money. We had a lot of investors tell us: ‘No one will ever want to advertise on computer.’ Very well respected, successful venture capitalists," he laughs.

So, like lots of internet companies in the heady days of 1999, he took the company public.

"People weren't throwing money at me, we were always out of favor.

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I made my kids into Viking fans, so they will carry their misery with them, too.

When people wanted me to be selling music, I was like, 'No, we’re ad supported,'" he explained.

After the IPO, at the height of the bubble (March, 2000), the company was worth about 0 million, he told us.

While Goldberg's rise to success seems almost effortless, it wasn't always easy.

He spent much of his early career being "out of favor," as he describes it.

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We raised $100,000 at a $1 million valuation, post — so not today’s valuations," he laughed. Soon Launch Media expanded from CD-ROMs to internet streaming.

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