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Lavras online dating

The car in the view below is proceeding south along the west side of Praça Dr. Jornal de Lavras]: The city demolished the tram waiting station on Praça Barão de Lavras about 1940.The tram in this photograph shows the initials "PML" of its owner and operator, Prefeitura Municipal de Lavras [col.This part of the city was still undeveloped when the tramway opened.But, largely because of it, this hillside will populate rapidly [col. Pedro Salles, the same spot a few years later [see map].Museu de Lavras]: This advertisement for the "Salão Elite" barber shop boasts that it is located "em fremte à est.

The photograph below shows the festive inauguration on that date [Prefeitura de Lavras]: The view north down Avenida Pedro Salles toward the railroad station [see map].This photograph shows one of them at the Falkenried factory before it was shipped to Brazil [Siemens-Museum, München]:("Offener Straßenbahnwagen" = open street railway car.In 1910 Falkenried also built electric trams for Natal and Vitória, Brazil).The large building with the walled yard on the left was the home of EFOM's chief engineer The next picture shows car 2 on the new loop at the railroad station [see map].The house with the walled yard seen in the previous picture is on the right here. Perhaps the passenger(s) that missed it will take this taxi [col.

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Gauge was meter, the route was 3 km long and the cars, numbered 1 and 2, carried Siemens-style bow collectors [col.

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