Modrobes online dating

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Modrobes online dating

The fruitiness is suited to summer parties or casual wear in the summer.Feminine for sure but it can be unisex because the citruses and grapefruit are found in men's colognes.I wanted to give it a fair chance since I hadn't smelled it in a good 20 years and I really loved the simplistic beauty of it back then.This sample smells much better, but it's still not the same as I remember it from the late 90's. I used to think all the talk about fragrances going bad was just a conspiracy among the fragrance community to promote unnecessary consumerism.When it's humid, it seems like the lovely citrus has a hard time to make its way through and it smells a lot greener. Happy is something I can wear in the middle of summer when I want a completely safe fragrance choice.

No matter how carefully you store this stuff it turns into a muddy, bitter, heartbreaking thin and sour dribble.

Online shops offers: Fragrance 5 items for 20.14 - 34.44 USDFragrance EUR 7 items for 23.93 - 40.91 EURFragrance 7 items for 27.89 - 47.69 USDStrawberry EUR 3 items for 40.50 - 48.00 EURView products... Happy was created by Jean Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Clinique Happy was created by Jean-Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Happy has a fresh, citrus vibe with a sweaty, slightly heady musk. If feels like a citrus scented "second skin." The opening is rather off-putting and channels the chemical spill top notes of CK One, but it quickly dies down to a humid, citrus sent. Random fact: WWE Hall of Fame Pro-Wrestler, Lita (aka Amy Dumas) stated this was one of her favorite scents in her Autobiography from 2003 - Lita: A Less Traveled ROAD (Reality of Amy Dumas) This was my scent for many years and I have had people stop me for the name of what I am wearing.

Clinique Happy is a fragrance of joy, the essence of a sunny, happy morning. Fresh apple, plums and bergamot mixed with the fresh-air accord as top notes proceed into the egzotic floral heart composed of freesia, lily, rose and morning orchid. Now I cannot wear it because I can no loner smell it on myself.

In my opinion, the knockoff you can buy in a green aerosol can at Walmart is closer to the original. I agree with the previous review, this scent has a wonderful sillage and it definitely turns heads. However, I picked up this bottle after a few years and gave it a sniff...

If an orange had a butthole I imagine this what it would smell like. I find this a little bit bitter and I'm not overly impressed.

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