Moms dating my boss over dating quotes

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Moms dating my boss

Because we do integrate our Au Pairs into our family lives, situations come up that– were s/he a live-out nanny or part time babysitter — would seem awkward. What’s especially tough about this situation is the way that it triggers other dynamics in the Host Mom’s own family.Neither her brother nor her parents seem to respect the Host Mom’s preferences or her authority.To be honest, I didn’t think that repeating my request would make a difference to him (this has since been confirmed).

My concern would be my family getting involved in host family- au pair issues.” its unfair she has to work 45 hours, etc.” “you don’t let her use the car enough.” I don’t think there is much you can do about it when your family won’t listen.

This is a rule you probably already have in your handbook, so that’s something she knew up front.

If she wants to visit him on her time off, she can but will have to pay for the trip herself.

They reminded her that her personal life was hers to manage and she needs to manage it in a way that did not impact her work.

They then told her they wanted to know nothing more about the situation and she should not discuss it with them, they openly acknowledged to her that any conversation about this boyfriend would only upset them.

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:) The whole dating thing is very American in my eyes. BUT I’m not saying it couldn’t develop into dating or a relationship!

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