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Technical capabilities allow organizing live coverage of all the important events in the country and abroad.

The channel broadcasting represents a playlist of the best works of the national singers both for previous years and the most relevant artists of modern Kazakhstan. The TV channel offers: broadcast of the championships of Kazakhstan on key and popular sports, live broadcasts of large international sports events, as well as sports news, shows of own production and documentary movies.«Kazakh TV» - first national satellite channel of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Enters to structure of “Khabar Agency” JSC, one of the largest media-holdings.During 5 years of broadcasting, ‘Hit-TV’ has earned the title of the leading and favourite national channel.The target audience of the channel is viewers aged from 12 to 35.

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Ruben Oganesov, chairman of the board of directors of Muz-TV, stated in a press conference that the total cost for the special guests Jennifer Lopez and Thirty Seconds to Mars, whether "...schitat v dollarakh ili evro" ("...counted in US Dollars or Euros"), was well over a million.

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