Online sex chatmate

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Online sex chatmate

Don't do philanthropic acts alone, do it as a couple with defined boundaries.Most of all, be a hero at home, to your spouse, your children.2.You are now accountable to your spouse, all other friendships come after your marriage in priority and value.Let your friends know you are taken, have boundaries.To protect your marriage from this, don't let things deteriorate to the point you cannot vent and cry with each other as husband and wife.

Introduce your spouse to the colleagues you work with the most.

Married women also fall prey, especially the successful ones. The man makes her feel good by looking up to her and she keeps supporting him especially financially and giving him her body.

The truth is, many married men and women don't get appreciated at home.

Watch out for that neighbor who comes to visit and gets cozy in your home, that neighbor that is within reach when you are the only one at home.

Protect your marriage from this by only entertaining visitors when you are together, show love to your spouse before your neighbors, have a healthy sex life that you have no time looking out the window, telling off a neighbor who is checking you out.4.

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If that is difficult, then talk to a reputable spiritual leader or a professional counselor or someone of the same gender as you; not someone of the opposite gender who can easily get close and feelings emerge, distracting you from working on your marriage.3.

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