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So I did a little experimenting and came up with a little recipe that I really like.

Here is what you will need: Almond Oil or Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (or oil of your choice) White Granulated Sugar Shredded Bar of Soap or Soap Base An Essential Oil (I used Do Terra’s Citrus Bliss Essential Oil) a few drops of Vitamin E oil (optional) Mixing Bowl Spoon Microwave and possibly a double boiler A square silicon mold or a scoop 1. Take mixture and place it into your molds with your fingers.

And…you know I am going to be sharing the fun labels if you would like to make some for yourself. Interested in some of our past Sugar Scrub Recipes?

Click on the link below to gain access to the labels and to the use-age tag so that the gift recipient knows just how to use their fun and personal gift!

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When Alana admitted during the interview that her boyfriend wasn't texting her back, June joked, "This is why I don't date." And in an interview with , the middle schooler gave some insight into her budding relationship.

Anyways, needless to say I wasn’t around much last week.

When the difference of age and size wallet is visible to the eye.After one particularly large stroke, we discovered my Dad had a hole in his heart.He had heart surgery to repair the hole about 8 years ago.Before becoming a sugar baby Nina, above with Juliana, was working multiple jobs.Dear Sugar Daters® members, Thank you for being part of Sugar Daters® community, for your trust and loyalty.

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I have had this post sitting here half finished, but there were plenty of more important things I needed to attend too.

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