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The benefits of increasing women's numbers and influence in policing go far beyond improving police responses to violence against women, though that improvement alone would more than justify the cause.

Research from departments in nine cities across the country indicates that women officers were equally as qualified as their male counterparts for patrol work.Tragically, in the last 20 years, there has been very little progress for women in policing, and even less success in eliminating the underlying anti-women biases and policies that permeate police agencies. And especially, new people like yourself are needed to take up the cause.In this section we lay out some of the research, the lessons learned, and thoughts for future directions.The following summary of research on the benefits of bringing more women into policing is quoted from an article in the June 2009 issue of Police Chief Magazine.Though it's a rather bland statement of what should really be banner headlines, the fact that it's published by a top law enforcement source makes it especially useful as an educational handout which can hopefully be convincing to even your most skeptical community members.

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Indeed, it's hard to imagine a class of people who could be more ill-recruited and ill-suited for proper enforcement of violence against women laws.

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