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Harder disagrees, painting Gawker as a uniquely bad actor with a destructive impulse.When I ask him what doomed Gawker, he answers with a single word: “Gawker.” And though much of the Manhattan media establishment mourned Gawker’s demise as one might have the fall of Rome, Harder shows no contrition.

Hollywood requires several species of lawyer: the ruthless litigator, the capable deal-maker, the doyen of divorce. He usually won his cases via settlement, and he did it quietly, without exposing his famous clients to undue publicity.Bollea’s victory drove both Gawker Media and its founder, Nick Denton, to declare bankruptcy.Some see in Bollea’s victory a setback for the very notion of a free press that, presumably, should have the right to publish even excerpts of a sex tape, if that sex tape is determined to have news value.Stevie J denied leaking the tape, saying "I’m a pioneer. I gave it to her and one of her girlfriends leaked it, thank you very much.I made a tape and gave it to her and she took it on the road, on tour with her, and the rest was history. I don’t want my beefcake all in the street." Meanwhile, Eve shut down rumors that the sex tape was leaked on purpose (ugh, what is up with this trend of accusing women of leaking their own sex tapes?

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Having become somewhat famous for defending the obscenely famous, Harder has a deceptively casual manner that disguises a master gardener’s impulse for pruning media curiosity into the kind of flowery coverage that reflects well on his practice and clients.

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